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3 Proven Ways to Market Your Internet Business

Many people are reluctant to try marketing their business online because they don't know where to start. However, it's not always about the product you're trying to sell but about your internet marketing technique to catch your potential customer's attention.

Content Marketing

Many businesses create a website or a blog not just for promotional purposes but also for hosting inbound marketing material. Content marketing entails helping your potential customer, but instead of going to them and saying, "Hey, let me help you with this problem," they'll come to you for help. Google gets billions of searches every day from people looking for help and information for their problems. Can your product or service help them? Can you increase loyalty to your brand by hosting blog articles that assist and delight your reader?

For example, if you search "how to remove paint from drywall," you may get a painting business in the top 10 results providing information on removing paint. If you continue clicking through the website, you may also see further details on how to choose the right color of paint, what time of day is best to paint your home, and so on. You may also see CTAs (Call-To-Action) encouraging the reader to call or email the business if they want to hire an expert in painting to come to their home and paint. Even the contact information for the painter may be in the header or footer of the page, encouraging the reader to call if they have any further questions.

A call-to-action is a fantastic technique that utilizes SEO to attract customers to your website. Of course, that doesn't mean every reader will buy from you, but some might. You can also capture your readers' email by offering more information and sending promotional material at a later date.

Social Media Marketing

Over a billion people are using social media to stay in touch with friends, see entertaining content, and keep updated about their favorite brands and celebrities. It's undoubtedly one of the top ways to promote your business, if not the best way to do so.

Create a business profile on the social media platforms you'll use and fill them out appropriately with information about your business, website, and any other contact information.

When posting on your accounts, keep in mind the 80/20 principle, which states that only 20% of your posts should include promotional materials, the other 80% posts that entertain or inform your target audience. Your followers will get bored very quickly if they only see advertisements from you while scrolling down their feed. And it kills engagement too on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, which prioritize what they'll show people based on how much engagement that page receives!

Use relevant hashtags on all of your posts, especially on Twitter and Instagram, to reach your target audience. You can narrow down who you think might be interested in your product or service through searching, following them, or like their latest post. When they check their notifications, they may not follow you back, but it's likely they'll at least check your page out of curiosity.

You can also reach your target audience via advertisements on these platforms. The costs can vary based on the platform and target audience, so it's good to check the cost to advertise and how many views you'll get per advertisement when deciding where.

Influencer Marketing

Research shows that people are more likely to consider a recommendation from someone they trust and admire.

Influencer marketing often occurs on social media platforms like Instagram or Youtube, but it may also happen on blogs or podcasts.

It would be best to narrow down the influencers you'd like to approach and create a list with their contact information. If you're selling sports equipment, you may want to reach out to a Youtuber who talks about playing football. Or, if you're selling makeup, you may want to reach out to an Instagrammer with a broad female audience. Take audience demographics and interests into consideration before trying to work with any particular influencer.

Once you have your list, you can reach out to your influencers and offer them the product you're trying to sell for free, if they give you a review or mention of it in return. Also, provide a coupon code and mention you'll give them a percentage of each sale when someone uses that code. A good range is 10-20% commission, but you may offer more if it's an authoritative influencer.

Marketing an internet business is never easy. It takes time, dedication, and above all, persistence. You may not get everything right immediately, and sometimes we all fail. But trudging on and knowing you can do it, and putting slight twists on the above methods will go a long way.

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